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wp rocket review
Last Updated: April 14, 2022

WebDesk Team

wp rocket review

WP Rocket is one of the most popular and yet very powerful caching plugins for WordPress websites. It’s one of the most powerful caching plugins on the market, but it’s also very simple to use. Page caching via HTML, CSS, and JavaScript file minification, cache preloading, media compression, database optimizations, heartbeat control, lazy loading, and many other features are available. You can enhance WP Rocket with add-ons.

The WP Rocket is a premium plugin and you can purchase it only through the website. This can make determining whether it is the best solution for your needs difficult. This is why I have written this article to give you a detailed review of the plugin with a speed test.

1 – WP Rocket comfiguration

As soon as you activate WP Rocket, it begins caching your website. The best part of the plugin is that the team emabled its magic features by default. It doesn’t require much setup and doesn’t have any complicated settings. To get the best results, I recommend activating a few more features. To start with caching plugin, you can make changes or activate the required features. Go to the dashboard menu and select Settings. Enable the features you want. Here’s an overview of the menu and settings:

1.1 – WP Rocket Dashboard

The Dashboard tab of the WP Rocket plugin provides an easy menu for users to better manage everything. You can find information about your account, help, getting started with the plugin, documentation, and frequently asked questions by previous clients. There are links to clear the cache, start cache preloading, purge content, and regenerate important CSS.

1.2 – wprocket Cache plugin for WordPress

The WP Rocket plugin’s Cache tab contains options for mobile cache, which enables caching for logged-in users, and determining cache lifespan. The cached pages are saved as static files before being served to your visitors. As a result, This gives you control over who gets those cached files and how long the cache is kept before being cleared.

1-3 – File Optimization with WP Rocket Plugin

In the File Optimization section, there are several parts. Each one has basic settings for things like reducing HTML, combining Google font files, and removing query strings from static resources.

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