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Why Blog? 14 Benefits of Blogging in 2023
Last Updated: March 10, 2023



Users often ask us why they should blog and what the advantages of blogging are.

Since 1993, blogging has evolved into an indispensable marketing tool for many firms. However, is it still applicable in the era of social media?

This essay will discuss the benefits of blogging. What are the advantages of blogging?


Top Motives and Advantages of a Blog
Blogs originated as a tool for people to write about their interests, daily lives, and intriguing topics. They resembled online diaries or journals.

But because blogging has so many benefits, companies quickly made it an important part of their marketing strategies.

There are already 1,9 billion websites on the Internet, and over 600 million of them are blogs. Thus, the blogging business comprises one-third of the Internet.

See our tutorial on what a blog is and how it differs from a website for more information.

More than 43% of all websites are powered by WordPress, making it the top website builder and the finest blogging platform.

Individuals and companies use it to promote their ideas, brands, stories, and goods, among other things.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the most important benefits of blogging and why you might want to start one.

A blog drives traffic to your site and increases leads and conversions.
facilitates content repurposing for other marketing channels.
It assists in establishing your authority in your industry, enhances your brand’s recognition, and helps you build an engaged audience.
Sharing business news, announcements, and more improves your long-term SEO.
Competitive Advantage in Organic Search Traffic Permits You to Educate Customers
Learn online marketing by developing additional revenue streams for your company.
Opens Doors to Partnerships and Growth Opportunities to Assist You in Landing Your Dream Job
How to Begin Blogging Right Away
A blog attracts visitors to your website.


A typical company website has a handful of essential pages. You may have a homepage, product or service landing pages, a contact page, and a few more.

Your website may not be ranked higher by search engines than hundreds of other, much older websites in the same business.

By adding a blog, you can post more content, which will, over time, bring more people to your website.

Suppose, for instance, you offer garden hoses on your website. There are tens of thousands of businesses providing comparable goods, and visitors may never discover your website on their own.

But blogging lets you give people more information that is related to the themes they are looking for.

You may, for example, write on “environmentally friendly gardening products” or “water conservation.” You may also produce how-to instructions for maintaining tiny lawns and gardens, among other topics.

When you write for a blog, you open the door for more people to visit your website. This lets you reach more customers, build a bigger following, and even take business away from well-known companies.

Blogging facilitates the generation of more leads and conversions.


Creating a blog to drive traffic to your website was the simple part. The more difficult aspect is converting this traffic into sales and company expansion.

More than 70% of today’s visitors will never return to your website. This is because the Internet has so much stuff and information.

With a blog, you can turn people who visit your website into possible leads, turn them into subscribers and social media followers, and keep in touch with them in the future.

With tools like OptinMonster, you can build an email list and get more people to follow you on social media.

By adding push notifications to your blog, you can send customized messages to your readers and get them to come back to your site.

3. Allows you to repurpose content for use in other marketing channels. 


To have an active marketing presence, you must advertise your brand online actively.

The issue with a static website, though, is that there is no fresh material to publish.

If you have a blog on your site, you can use blog content on all of your marketing channels.

Here are some examples of how you may reuse blog post content.

Share the link to your blog article through social networking sites.
Utilize the blog post’s material in your email newsletter. Create a YouTube video based on the blog post’s content.
All of these ways to use content from WPBeginner on our social media and marketing platforms work very well.

4. Assists in the Establishment of Your Authority in Your Industry 


If you just have a five-page website offering your products/services, it is more difficult to demonstrate your experience and authority on a topic.

The addition of a blog enables you to post industry-related information on a regular basis. This helps you create authority and earn the confidence of people.

If you keep posting new information, your audience and other companies interested in the same topics will come to you first.

This trust is a vital asset whether you are a corporation or a person. It will open enormous development possibilities.

5. Increases the visibility of your brand 


A blog assists in enhancing brand recognition. It provides you with additional options to apply your personalized logo across your website, social networks, and search results, among other places.

When combined with trust and authority, this awareness of your brand gives your digital assets a lot of value.

You are acknowledged as a person by industry leaders, influencers, and enthusiasts. This offers several options.

Similarly, as a firm, your brand grows more valuable, and any possible buyer will take this into account if you decide to sell your company in the future.

6. Enables you to build a receptive audience 


A static website provides little opportunity for dialogue. It is uninspired and often pretty dull.

Including a blog on your site enables you to bring the discussion to your site. Users may now interact with your blog pieces by posting comments, sharing them on social media, and writing about them.

We suggest that all of our users leave comments on blogs and do other things to interact with other users.

It facilitates the creation of a community around your company, which is incredibly beneficial.

When individuals post a few comments on your blog, they establish an attachment for your business, which pays dividends when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Additionally, these individuals are more inclined to promote your goods or services to others.

Share business news, announcements, and other information


On a conventional, static website, it is difficult to communicate your company’s news, announcements, and sales events.

A blog, on the other hand, makes things really simple. In reality, you can add additional specifics, context, and persuasiveness to your writing.

For example, if you are having a Black Friday deal, you may use a blog post to advertise it. Then, use a header or footer banner that moves around your website to promote the blog post.

You could make it more valuable for people who use it often by giving blog readers a discount code.

helps to enhance long-term SEO


A static website has less pages, and even if they rank well, you can only use keywords from a set list.

By adding a blog, you can focus on similar keywords and increase your reach by writing about different but related topics.

Over time, you will have several articles ranking first for various keywords. Each of these content items is a soldier in your army.

If you use All in One SEO to optimize WordPress SEO the right way, you will be able to make a lot of content over time.

It helps you rank not just for secondary keywords but also for your homepage and other sites.

9. Outperform competitors for organic search traffic.


A significant portion of keyword research is determining which terms your rival ranks for.

This lets you find out which keywords bring them more business, and then you can create content around those keywords.

Having a blog allows you to outperform your competitors in organic search traffic.

For additional information, see our WordPress guide on doing an SEO competition analysis.
permits you to inform customers


When asked why they read blog entries, 33% of respondents said it was to gain new knowledge.

You may educate clients on the many ways they can use your items via blog postings.

You may use this chance, among other things, to compare your product to that of rivals, highlight product features, and tell consumers of its advantages.

This makes your blog postings very beneficial, even for your current clients. They can learn about new features they may not be utilizing via blog posts.

Essentially, it is a chance to deliver genuine value to your people while also marketing your products and services.

11. Create New Revenue Streams for Your Company


There are several options to generate extra cash for your company and make money online with your WordPress site through the use of blogs.

Using Google AdSense, you may put advertisements in your blog entries, for instance. Through affiliate marketing, you can also promote affiliate items and earn revenue.

You can now use MemberPress or Easy Digital Downloads to turn your blog into a way to sell premium content.

helps you understand online marketing


Including a blog expands your options to develop your marketing talents. You will have more material to advertise, which may be suited for even more channels of promotion.

For example, there are more options to promote fresh blog entries on social networking networks. Additionally, you will have more valuable information to offer in your email.

As you look into different ways to promote each piece of content, you learn more about marketing and can reach more people.

13. Unlocks Partnerships and Growth Opportunities


Blogs are like a magnet that pulls in collaboration opportunities that will help your business grow.

With all the activity on your blog, you will get the attention of people and groups who are looking for ways to work together that will be good for both of them.

For example, new suppliers may reach out to you to offer you a cheaper price or wholesale pricing, smaller stores may want to sell your items, and major firms may want to form regional partnerships with you, among other possibilities.

Similarly, whether you provide services or are just marketing your own brand, your blog may help you get access to the appropriate individuals. You will be able to expand your network and influence gradually.

14. Helps You Find Your Dream Job


Your blog may lead you to your ideal career in the future. Blogging is a popular method for establishing a personal brand and promoting online services and abilities.

You may demonstrate your enthusiasm, talents, and expertise in your special hobbies. This may attract the attention of companies seeking employees with your skills.

Even if companies do not approach you, you can approach them. Your blog will demonstrate your enthusiasm, knowledge, and interests in a more engaging manner than a standard resume.

How to Begin Blogging Right Away
Starting a blog is a simple process.

First, you must choose the appropriate platform. We suggest utilizing WordPress, the most popular blogging platform in the world.

When we now refer to WordPress, we mean, not

Find out the differences between and with our comprehensive comparison.

You’ll need a domain name and a hosting account to create a blog.

Our partners at Bluehost are providing WPBeginner customers with a free domain name and a substantial hosting discount. You will be able to get started for just $2.75 a month.

When you sign up for a domain name and hosting with Bluehost, it will automatically install WordPress for you.

Need more support? See our comprehensive, step-by-step tutorial on how to establish a blog for beginners.

We hope this post has helped you understand why you should blog and the advantages of doing so. You may also be interested in our list of popular online business ideas and our guide to launching a blog-based online shop.

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