website maintenance service
website maintenance service
Website maintenance is the process of monitoring your website for bugs and errors on a regular basis and keeping it current and relevant. This should be done on a regular basis to maintain the health of your website, stimulate continuing traffic development, and boost your SEO and Google rankings.

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Get our Website Maintenance Service for your website

Even though they are in the same industry, each client is unique, which is why we focus on designing totally personalized websites for each client, as well as providing a premium website maintenance service.

Website Maintenance Service include:

Premium hosting

Give your online project a boost by hosting it with one of the quickest web hosting services in the United States of America. People who visit your site will have a better experience if your website is faster.

Software Updates

Webdesk ensures that all tools and software on your website are compatible and up-to-date.

Website Security

Webdesk protects you from the very unlikely event of a hack and makes sure that your website is backed up regularly  and running smoothly without errors.

Website Backups

Webdesk backs up your website on a regular basis so that you can have peace of mind in the event of an emergency.

Uptime Monitoring

Webdesk keeps an eye on your website and is alerted quickly if it goes down. We start working right away to get it back up and running.

Page Speed Monitoring

Webdesk keeps an eye on your page speed and alerts you if it falls below a certain threshold. It then works to improve it.

The following is a list of tasks that should be done on a regular basis:


Performed on a weekly basis:


Verify that all of your pages are loading correctly. Conduct a backup and ensure that a previous version of your website is archived. Maintain applications and plugins on your website. Verify that all of your forms are operating normally. Remove any spam comments on pages and posts. Examine your pages for broken links. Conduct a search for 404 errors and correct or redirect them. Make one or more blog posts to engage your community and increase SEO traffic.

To be carried out monthly:


Examine your website’s load speed and make certain that nothing is slowing it down. Conduct a review of your security scans to ensure that nothing is out of place. Analyze the previous month’s website statistics. Examine your blog to determine whether any articles need updating.

To be carried out quarterly:


Examine the style and structure of your website; can they be improved? Verify graphics and images—does anything need to be updated? Check your SEO and meta title and description to make sure they are as effective as possible. Popups, forms, and calls to action should all be tested and tweaked. Examine your workflow for inefficiencies and identify tasks that can be automated. Examine your website on a variety of devices and browsers to ensure that it shows properly. An audit of advertising and marketing initiatives should be done to figure out what needs to be changed or updated. Restore an earlier version of the website to determine the health of your backup.

To be carried out yearly:


Any references to the current year should be updated. Conduct a thorough examination of each page for content accuracy, grammar, typos, and relevance. Examine all active email addresses to determine which ones are excessive and should be eliminated. Ascertain that the domain name for your website is renewed. Consider whether an upgrade to your website’s design is necessary. Examine all of your most popular blog posts and see whether they can be updated with new information.