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You may have heard about SEO previously but considered it another marketing gimmick. However, it is far more critical than that. Additionally, the principle behind these services is pretty straightforward. As you may know, search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing utilize a formula to decide how they rank websites within their system in response to queries entered into the search box. Alternatively, the formula is referred to as a mathematical algorithm. This algorithm evaluates a website's quality, authority, and trust.

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SEO services that are “transparent”


Have you ever had a bad experience with SEO services? Take a moment to read about our completely honest approach to customer service.

SEO is not a form of voodoo magic; there are no one-click remedies that can miraculously transform your business overnight. Indeed, to achieve positive outcomes with website optimization, three critical components are required:

  • Experience
  • A capable team
  • A strategic plan founded on objective SEO data and a thorough study

What are the objective measurements for SEO? That is not just DA and PA, Moz Rank, and Trust, but a combination of all significant SEO indicators put into a competitive comparison, leaving no room for subjective interpretation or analysis.

There is a fourth factor that contributes to SEO success that was not highlighted previously. That is the execution of a strategic SEO plan.

If the plan is based on well-researched “objective” numbers and is done correctly, the SEO results will happen automatically and without any work.

However, how can you know if the plan offered to you is being carried out properly? At the moment, there is uncertainty and a dearth of transparency. A lot of the time, a client is relying on reports from an SEO expert.

“Transparent SEO Services” means that you will no longer have to answer queries such as:

  • “Could you tell me what you’re working on at the moment?”
  • “I’m not sure if anything is being done…”
  • Could you please email me the report?
  • “Transparent SEO Services” entails the following:
  • You have confirmed a strategic SEO plan.
  • A good understanding of the problems that need to be fixed in order to get back to where they were.
  • Your account, via which you gain access to all strategic data.
  • Real-time comparison of your project to competitors’ projects
  • Possibility of real-time monitoring of the status of all planned tasks
  • Complete information on the launch, current keyword rankings, and progress.
  • Transparent SEO services mean that you can always see how your project is going.
  • Contact us for a consultation if your project necessitates a well-researched SEO strategy based on 100 percent transparent SEO objective metrics.

Which SEO plan should I select?

For the majority of our clients, our standard SEO services are more than adequate. If you want to talk about a custom package or think your project needs a well-thought-out custom approach with adequate execution, contact us.

Beginner’s SEO Package

This SEO strategy is recommended for new firms and websites operating in niche markets with little competition. Additionally, it is well-suited for projects that wish to steadily build their web presence.

The bundle is most appropriate for:

Websites that are less than a year old

Businesses that are just getting started with an internet business

Websites that have been penalized by “Google” as a result of a search filtering algorithm

“Enterprise” SEO Package

for new projects and websites that wish to grow their SEO value over time, as well as for established websites that wish to compete for the top ten positions in their industry. It is recommended when the market is uncompetitive or has a low level of competition.

The plan is most appropriate for:

  • Small-scale e-commerce sites
  • Websites that include a product catalog
  • Websites that feature a variety of portfolios
  • Websites that offer services
  • Projects with a focus on specific TOP 10 spots


This SEO bundle is intended for firms who are not only interested in ranking in the top 10, but also in market dominance.

The plan is most appropriate for:
  • E-commerce sites that track their conversions
  • Websites that have extensive product catalogs and categories
  • Websites that include a substantial amount of media content
  • Businesses that care about their online reputation
  • Projects that want to get the most out of each visitor
  • Prices do not include Google Ads services.

*Programming services for websites are not included.

*Each SEO bundle includes a minimum of 20 hours per month worked on the project. Additional dedicated hours may be available upon request.

What comes next?

  1. The first step is to complete a questionnaire about your project.
  2. A one-year contract must be signed.
  3. We do a comprehensive website SEO assessment and report our findings to the customer.
  4. A strategy for website updates and enhancements is created.
  5. The client makes the initial payment for the services rendered.
  6. Enhancements to the website are made.
  7. The website’s optimization procedure has begun.

What is required of clients?

  1. The project’s objectives should be well-defined and precise.
  2. This serves as a reminder to us about which activities to prioritize for improvement.
  3. a dedicated individual who will be responsible for communicating with us during our collaboration.

How do I begin?

  1. Send us an email outlining your business, your objectives, and the outcomes you anticipate from your website. Don’t forget to include your website’s URL:).
  2. All prices are exclusive of value-added tax.
  3. Following your selection of an SEO package
  4. These are the fundamental steps to understanding what is contained in the bundle.

Configuration and setup of Google Analytics

If you don’t already have a Google Analytics account, we will set one up for you, connect it, and set it up correctly.

Configuration of the Google Search Console (GSC)

This is a critical SEO tool that we will need to establish or obtain access to in order to optimize the current GSC property. If it hasn’t been set up yet, we will finish it by connecting it to your Google Analytics account.

Configuration of the conversion tracking system

Depending on the SEO plan you choose, we will incorporate conversion monitoring or ecommerce into your Google Analytics account. This free application will enable you to track the number of leads, calls, and sales you generate online.

Conduct keyword research.

All of our SEO packages involve basic keyword research. We will conduct the study and speak with you about the precise keywords for which you wish to rank.

Extensive keyword research

Advanced keyword research combines seven distinct methods of study and the use of various SEO tools to uncover every conceivable term and variation. Keywords are categorized according to their meaning, intent, or category and supplied to a client for review. We do discuss with clients the results and assist them in selecting the most profitable keywords for their business.

Complete SEO audit of your website

Prior to beginning any on-page or off-page optimization activity, our SEO team performs a comprehensive website assessment using a minimum of three SEO audit tools, including SEMRush, SerpStat Audit, and Website Auditor for on-page SEO, and and for technical SEO.

As the project and its tasks get more complicated, we may use more techniques to make sure that no important part of the raking process is missed.

We are completely transparent throughout the process, beginning with the SEO assessment and continuing with all project duties. Following our appraisal of your project, we will prepare a list of all tasks that will be addressed by either our team or your developer team.

As a client, you have complete access to that list of SEO assignments.

Optimization of the web page

This section ensures that all critical website pages comply with on-page SEO criteria. This comprises meta titles, meta descriptions, and headings for a webpage. We are unwavering in our belief that proper on-page optimization is THE cornerstone of all subsequent SEO work.Without a good on-page SEO strategy, all subsequent steps are nearly meaningless.

We identify all the necessary tasks and compile a list for our technical SEO and development teams. As previously stated, we believe in complete transparency on every step required to achieve the desired result.You, as our client, will have online access to that list, allowing you to track the progress.

Optimization of HTML code

HTML code optimization is inextricably linked to on-page SEO. If you utilize WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, or CMS Made Simple as your content management system, our team will make any necessary changes in-house. We can work with your developer if you are utilizing a CMS that is not on our list. We have a very strong and open way to work with a client’s development team. All parties know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

Optimization of content

We assess your current material and determine whether it should be enhanced, eliminated, or left alone. Depending on the quantity of pages and keywords that need to be ranked, we’ll determine what type of material Google prefers and provide recommendations accordingly. After you say that the material can be changed in accordance with our suggestions, we will start working on the pages we agreed on.

We will check your website for probable keyword cannibalization issues throughout this process.

Performance optimization of a website.

We have an in-house team of SEO-trained back-end and front-end engineers who understand how to achieve the fastest possible page load time.

Because Google has officially made website speed a ranking factor, our team will do everything we can to get the best possible results for your website if it runs on one of the content management systems we work with.

Our staff can minimize the weight of a webpage and optimize the code for optimal performance based on a variety of factors, including design and budget. The final score and pace will be determined by several variables, including the following:

  1. The theme or template on which the site is built.
  2. The number of scripts loaded
  3. The quantity of video and photos used
  4. The quantity and type of widgets utilized are
  5. Off-page optimization

Backlinks are a significant ranking element.

After we finish with on-page SEO, we’ll move on to off-page SEO, which has three main stages that will be talked about.

Each link building campaign we initiate begins with an audit of our present link building efforts. Following that, we’ll go to the next stage, which is backlinks intersecting.

We examine the backlink profiles of the TOP 10, TOP 15, or TOP 20 competitors (depending on the budget) and compare them to the backlink profile of our customer. This step identifies the sources of links from which our client’s top competitors obtain their links.

This process is completely transparent, which means that you, as a client, have 24/7 access to the same data. You will be able to see every source from which your opponent links and perform the intersect operation.

As a bonus, you’ll be able to look at graphs that show how your competitors’ link profiles have changed over the years.