How to Get Paid as a Freelance Consultant [Pro Tips & Tools]

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March 2, 2022

how to Get paid as a freelancer

Working as a freelancer or consultant has a lot of good things about it. You can be your own boss, set your own prices, and have a lot of freedom that many other jobs don’t have. You can also be your own boss and set your own prices.

But, there’s one thing that many freelancers have a hard time with: keeping track of payments.
According to research by the Freelancer’s Union, more than 70% of freelancers have had trouble getting paid at least once in their careers, with an average loss of $6,000 a year.

I had the same problems with getting paid on time when I was younger. While you can’t be sure that a client will pay you, there are ways to make it easier to get paid. In other words, it’s a good idea to buy invoicing software that makes it easy to send payments.

Here, we’ll give you advice on how to make it more likely that you’ll get paid, and we’ll also show you how to make the process easier for your clients.

7 things to do to get freelance clients to pay you back (and pay you on time).

If you want to make it easier to get paid, you need to choose an invoicing software. There are some things you can do to avoid non-paying clients and get paid faster. Here are some ideas.

1. Make certain that your clients are satisfactory.

Make sure you know what you’re getting into before taking on a new freelance job. Make sure the person who wants to work with you is from a well-known company that pays freelancers. You can also reach out to other freelancers who write for the publication or blog and ask them about how much they get paid.

If you want to work with a freelancer, you have to be very careful about who you choose. Monisha Arya, from Arya Communications, says this about her clients: A big reason for being picky about who you work with is to make sure that you get paid what you’re worth.

2. Talk about money right away.

Let’s get used to talking about money. There are times when it can be awkward, but that should not be the case. After all, the reason you sign a contract with someone is to give them a service in exchange for money. As soon as possible, talk about how much you charge, how to pay, and how long it will take to pay.

There was a time when I hired someone to help me with some work. I got the first email from her. In it, she told me about her prices and asked if Payoneer was a good payment method (yes, it was). Win-win!

3. If clients say your prices are too high, say “no.”

The social team at Fancy Comma, LLC, a freelance writing company, gives good advice. They say to say no to clients who don’t pay on time or who are complaining about your rate.

4. Make your clients sign a contract, too.

They will not start working with a new client until the client agrees to sign a new contract first.

For example, Juwaria Merchant, for example, says that she makes sure she gets paid by sending a contract that lays out payment terms.

It is important for every freelance proposal to include project details, outline the scope of work, include a contract, and set a price for each service or deliverable. There should also be a note about the payment terms (e.g., net-0, net-30, net-60, etc.).

5. Strive for net-zero payment terms.

The best clients are the ones who pay you right away when you send them your invoice. Yes, these clients are real.

Getting a customer to accept Net-0 terms isn’t always easy. This is especially true if you work for a big company with a lot of accounting staff and set rules.

Because of this, you should ask clients for payment terms that don’t require them to pay anything. So, it’s easier for you to get paid right away rather than have your clients forget about your bill.

6. Ensure that you are paid before you begin.

Instead of waiting until you,’ve done all the work and sent in all the deliverables to get paid, ask for a deposit to start getting paid.

A lot of freelancers will ask for 50% of the money up front. Then, some people will ask for the whole fee up front.

7. Invest in invoicing software.

Another thing that freelancers say is to use invoicing software. She says that when she switched from a bank to a credit card, she saw a rise in her payments.

Then, you’ll switch from paper bills to electronic ones that send automated reminders.


If you work as a freelancer, these are some things you should look for in an invoicing software.


Low-cost : If you're a one-man band, you shouldn't have to pay an arm and a leg for invoicing software. Choose one that doesn't cost a fortune.


Pick software : that sends automated emails to your clients to remind them that they owe you money.


It's a good idea to :buy invoicing software that works with your accounting program.


Payment integrations : The software you select should be able to communicate with your bank. This means that a customer can click on a button on your invoice and pay with a credit card, PayPal, or Venmo account


It might be worth :it to buy software that lets you see which clients have paid and which clients haven't. This will make it easier to find the money that has been paid.

This is the best invoicing software for freelancers.

Here are some invoicing tools for freelancers that you might want to check out now that you know what to look for.

1. Invoicely :

Invoicely is a great program for people who work for themselves. Those who do not have many clients and only send invoices once in a while can use it for free.

For people who have a lot of clients and send out many bills, there are three different plans: basic, professional, and enterprise. The good news is that even with the enterprise plan, it costs only $29.99 a month, which is a good deal.

2. Wave Invoicing

 This feature makes it easy to send invoices and get paid online. It also lets you track your time and expenses and report on them.

Wave Invoicing is another piece of software you should look into. It’s better to use Wave if you’re a freelancer who works with a small team or hires subcontractors.

Wave can help you with invoicing, accounting, online payments, and payroll. Payroll can be a big help if you have to pay your team or subcontractors. It’s good to have payroll integrated into your invoicing and accounting software.

The Wave is also cheap. It has a free, pay-as-you-go, and monthly payment plan based on how many features you use.

3. FreshBooks is the third thing.

FreshBooks is a type of accounting software that includes invoices. If you run a big business as a freelancer or do a lot of complicated accounting, FreshBooks is the way to go.

FreshBooks has accounting, integrations, expenses, mileage tracking, online payments, proposals, time tracking, invoices, estimates, clients, mobile capabilities, projects, and reports.

It also has clients, projects, and reports.
Great for freelancers, this is a great all-in-one tool. It will help you run a lot of different parts of your business.

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