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Last Updated: December 1, 2022

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Divi is the leading WordPress Theme when it comes to building beautiful websites visually. According to data from, it is the most popular premium WordPress theme worldwide.

Divi is more than a theme; it’s a framework for buidling and designing modern websites, making it easy to create stunning layouts without having to write any code or deal with WordPress plugins.

Divi Page Builder

We consider this to be the next generation of WYSIWYG editors, and it’s certainly not like any other WordPress theme you’ve used before. If you are looking for a WordPress theme for your business website or for your Agency, then you can difinitly use Divi from Elegant Themes

Divi is a user friendly visual front-end editor.

Divi is among the most sophisticated WordPress Themes on the market. When compared to WordPress’ default post editor, Divi’s visual editor is lightyears ahead. It’s great for seasoned designers and those just starting out since it gives everyone, regardless of skill level, the ability to make stunning designs in record time.

It is the ultimate business website creation tool

Use the best web design tool available today. For the web, Divi can be considered a visual version of Adobe Photoshop or Sketch. It adds a cutting-edge design interface to WordPress that users of all skill levels are sure to easily get familiar with. It is extremely perceptive, highly adaptable, tremendously powerful, and visually oriented.

  • Divi allows you to modify any and all aspects of your website.
  • You are free to design a site that suits your needs or those of your customers.
  • Modify the text’s appearance with a few clicks of the mouse. Stunning animations should can be used and are already included in the builder.
  • Apply sophisticated filters and effects to items in real time.
  • The size and spacing of the text should be managed.
  • Put some shadows on the boxes and the text. Utilize gradients, photos, and videos to make captivating backdrops. Countless examples might be given!

Divi can be used by everyone

Since it is a user-friendly visual page builder, anyone can manage to create a website with it even without any previous skills in design.

For Freelancers

Building websites using Divi for your clients is a breeze. Divi is a single-platform solution that eliminates the need to keep track of several themes, allowing you to create whatever you can imagine.

For Agencies

Using the Divi WordPress Theme, building modern and responsive websites is an easy and fast process. Collaboration among the design team will be facilitated, and efficiency will be boosted with divi. Also, the price is quite low. Create as many client sites as you like with a single License.

For Individuals and Business Owners

Divi simplifies the process of designing a website. Divi is an easy-to-use website builder that allows users to realize their own unique visions. Divi’s visual editor and so many pre-made ready-to-use modern templates make it easy for anyone to get started.

Design e-Commerce Website with Divi and WooCommerce’s tailored integration

Divi and WooCommerce working together so smoothly. You can bring the same level of sophistication to your online store and individual product pages that you can with the post and page visual builders. WordPress has never looked better for e-commerce.

Elegant Themes Team have done a great job including all aspects of the woocommerce power into the design editor. You can pretty much design every part of your Woocommerce Website.

Put your artwork on display.

Businesses and freelancers alike can now showcase their work with the same attention to detail that went into creating it, thanks to Divi’s robust design tools and built-in portfolio post types and plugins.

Create captivating narratives and fascinating blog posts with original content design elements.

For making an appealing content on the web, Divi is the most powerful and user-friendly tool you can find on the market. Previously, only large organizations with large resources and teams of expert developers could create the kinds of immersive multimedia experiences that anyone with an internet connection and a little imagination can now create using this tool.

1 – Use one account to energize your staff.

Having your complete design team access Divi with only one subscription is a huge time saver. With Divi’s great speed and efficiency features, you can speed up your design workflow.

2 – Create as many sites as you want with just one purchase

All of our plugins and themes are available to you with just one subscription. You may use the same license to install them on as many websites as you wish. You may use them on as many client sites as you like.

3 – Divi’s incredible time-saving tools make website construction quicker than ever.

Divi facilitates rapid website development. That’s how fast it is. Because of this, we’ve made it our mission to introduce cutting-edge user interface (UI) concepts to WordPress with Divi, so that both individual website owners and design firms can have a more satisfying experience when creating their sites.

3 – Access hundreds of additional plugins, Layouts, and templates from third-party developers.

Like WordPress, Divi has a robust community of coders and designers that help make it even better than it already is. There are a lot of free and paid add-ons in the Divi Marketplace that can be used to make unique websites.

In other words, programmers, celebrate! Explore uncharted territory with Divi’s Extensions.

Instead of just being a theme, Divi is a full-fledged web design framework supported by a lively and active community. We encourage the growth of an open-source development community and value the ability to add new features. This is why we developed the Divi developer API, so that anyone could make their own Divi modules and use it in other ways.

Use one license to activate unlimited use for your company, team, or personal website.

No Restrictions
All of our plugins and themes are available to you with just one subscription. You may use the same license to install them on as many websites as you wish. You may use them on as many client sites as you like.

Easy Costing
Every aspect of your membership is taken care of with a single, all-inclusive payment. Join us and get access to all of our features at once. You may use our themes and plugins across an infinite number of domains to power your entire workforce.

Refreshingly regular reports
We work hard to make sure that our products are always up-to-date, safe, and compatible with the latest version of WordPress, so you can use them with confidence.

High-quality goods that you can rely on
You should never take your website or your clients’ websites for granted. You must have faith in the components that run them. When it comes to customer service and the quality of its products, Elegant Themes is in a league of its own.

Security that cannot be broken
Product security is a top priority for us. You can relax, because we’ve got your back. You shouldn’t use just any old theme or plugin on your customers’ websites.

Consistently exceptional service
The quality of service we offer our clients is something we’re really proud of. You can reach out to us at any time. You can count on a reply within an hour, and we’re usually here right now to speak with you.

Engaged Neighborhood
When you sign up with Elegant Themes, you’re getting more than just software. You’re joining a fantastic group of individuals who share your interests and values.

Promised Satisfaction
Satisfaction guaranteed within 30 days or your money back. Don’t stress if you aren’t happy with your subscription. If you want a refund, we will process it immediately.

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