5 Best WordPress Plugins for Restaurants

Beate Kedzierska

March 3, 2022

The Best 5 WordPress Plugins for Your Website

Every restaurant needs to have a website. It’s not just any old site.

A lot of the time, people who go to your restaurant’s website are going to be the first people they meet there. So, you want to make a good impression on people who might buy your products.

Besides the food on your menu or the hours you’re open, you’ll want to show off your reviews. With these WordPress plugins for restaurant websites, you can quickly add a lot of different features.

We’ve chosen some for you to try. Take a look at the plugins for restaurants that are on this list below.

1.The menu at the restaurant

For your restaurant business, Restaurant Menu is a three-in-one package deal. The user-friendly interface has a restaurant menu, a way to order online, and a way to make reservations. Plus, you don’t need to know how to code to add these cool new features.

The WordPress plugin comes with an online menu editor that you can move and drop. You can either make your own images or choose from a collection of food images. Make the food menu items bigger or smaller based on your size and what you want to order. When people check out your menu on their phones, it’s easy for them to do the same.

Online ordering comes with a single-page checkout and data auto-fill for customers who have already used the service.

Your guests will get real-time confirmation of their orders and an idea of how long it will take to get them. When you order pick-up and delivery, you can even change the times that the store is open.

It’s also possible to make reservations in advance by filling out a form that is very easy. They can get and confirm their table reservations from the restaurant’s app, or they can do both.

2.The Store Hours Manager for Woo Commerce is another tool that helps you keep track of your store hours.

Is your heart open? On Monday, when do you open? When do you close tonight? Restaurants get a lot of calls from people who want to eat there. They ask these same questions all the time. There is a new way to cut down on phone calls. You can now put the hours on your website.

Make sure your customers know what time your store is open with the Store Hours Manager for Woo Commerce. You can turn on or off the checkout function so that only people who work at the store can buy things. You can make sure that if you’re not open, no orders will be taken.

The plugin’s main features are a site-wide popup that shows how many people have ordered from a restaurant, an override function that lets you stop people from ordering at the last minute, and a management mode for admins.

You can get the mobile app so you can quickly change the restaurant’s schedule while you’re out and about.

You can also pay extra for this plugin to get more features. Add your logo to notifications, manage a floating widget, and show a countdown clock in your notifications.

3. There are three things I like about this:

Every single day, restaurants try to get the attention of their customers, and they do it all the time. You’re probably coming up with new ways to get people to pay for their meals or drinks.

You need to find a way to get the word out about your new products. With notification messages, you can tell your website visitors what you want them to know.

It adds a notification bar to your site with a message that you can make. You can quickly add text and a button to direct people to a certain page. You can also choose to keep the notification bar static or to make it stay in the middle of the screen. As your visitors scroll down the page, a “sticky bar” will stay on top of the page.

This restaurant plugin for WordPress is very easy to set up with the WordPress customizer. If you want to change the background color, text alignment, or font size, you can do that. As well, the responsive design works great on mobile devices.

4. The WP Store Locator is number

Your guests have chosen to eat at your restaurant this evening, and they will be there tonight. Step 2: Demonstrate how to get there.Calling the restaurant or going to a gas station to ask for directions used to be how people got directions in the old days. 

Luckily for us, we don’t have to spend time on those tasks anymore. The WP Store Locator is a powerful tool for managing restaurants’ locations. The map can be added to your WordPress site right away. This will help your guests.

The tool lets you change the look of the map and put your own labels on the entry fields. Your guests can choose a radius and get driving directions to your restaurant in the language they want.

Extra information about your restaurant, such as your phone number and email address, can be added. You can also include the hours that your restaurant is open and the prices. Driving directions can show how far it will take to get there in kilometres or miles.

5. Restaurant reviews that have received five stars

Customers are more likely to buy things when they see other people who have used the same thing. When they buy things, family, friends, and even strangers give them advice.

Reviews can help people decide if they want to buy something. They can also help people decide if they want to buy something. Reviews can also help your business, but only if you act on the advice they give you.

Five Star Restaurant Reviews is a simple WordPress plugin that lets you add and show reviews on your restaurant’s website with schema markup. It’s very easy to use. It looks through search engines to find and add reviews.

When you use this restaurant plugin, you can get ratings on reviews and put them on your website. You can also get reviews from as many people as you want and put them on your website. It’s easy to read the reviews because they are in a clean, modern format that fits on any screen. They’ll look good on phones and tablets, too, so.

The premium version of this WordPress plugin comes with a thumbnail layout and one that is based on images. It’s also possible to change the color and size of your star ratings.

A Better Restaurant Website to Serve Your Customers

There is just as much value in having a good online experience at a restaurant as there is in having a good experience in person. The first step is to make a website for your restaurant. Step two is to use these WordPress plugins for restaurant websites to show off your menu, new specials, and store hours so people can see them.

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