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What Are Good Usernames and How to Create Them
Last Updated: January 7, 2023


First impressions are crucial. As a result, selecting effective usernames may enhance your brand recognition and attract more visitors to your social media accounts. Likewise, you should verify that your login and password are safe to reduce the possibility of being hacked. It may be difficult since many memorable usernames are already in use.

In this post, we’ll talk about how to make a safe, easy-to-remember username for your website and your accounts on big social media sites like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter.

Let’s go!

Why Choosing a Secure Username Is Critical to Your Online Security
Your username may affect how others see you, but it can also compromise your security. For example, you could be using your old school alias for everything, including Facebook and online banking.Hackers can easily spy on you and steal your information if you use this method.

Among the most frequent errors is combining elements of your actual name with personal information, such as “JoeSmith1990.” This user ID might be readily guessed by a prospective hacker, making it simpler for them to access your accounts. Other tactics to avoid include selecting usernames that are similar to your email address or using password-hinting terms like “knock-knock.”

It is prudent to choose your username with consideration since it might serve as an added layer of protection. Here are a few considerations to bear in mind while deciding on a username for important accounts, such as your internet banking:

Do not repeatedly use the same login.
Avoid using phrases related to your hobbies or hometown, since hackers might deduce them from your publicly accessible social media information. The only time this isn’t true is when you’re making a username for a public account, which we’ll talk about soon.
Never use a portion of your phone number or SSN.
Avoid reusing portions of your email address since hackers might easily get access to your account and expose your contacts to hacking dangers.
Never use the username “admin” in WordPress; always change it to anything else.
Note that if you’ve selected a bad username in WordPress, there is a simple method to change it. Changing it manually is as simple as using the Find and Replace tool in your WordPress database. However, it is best to get this right from the start.

How to Select a Robust Password for Your Login
Even if you make an attempt to conceal your login, hackers may inevitably discover it. Therefore, you should also use a robust password to prevent hackers from taking control of your accounts. Prevention is preferable to treatment in this situation, so it is prudent to select your login carefully and combine it with a difficult-to-guess password.

Similarly to how you shouldn’t create usernames, here are some things to avoid while generating passwords:

Use your surname or any other easily guessed personal information.
Avoid personal references, such as the name of your child.
Do not use terminology associated with your interests.
Never use cliché terms, such as “password” or “qwerty,” or anything apparent.
Utilizing pass phrases with spaces, complete words, or numerals is a best practice. You may utilize resources such as the Strong Password Generator if you get stuck. If you’re worried about forgetting your password, you can save it in programs like Bitwarden or Nordpass, which are great for managing your logins.

Note, however, that strong passwords need not consist of characters that are hard for humans to remember. Popularized by the XKCD comics, a password’s length alone makes it hard to guess, no matter what it looks like.

Taking responsibility for your own cybersecurity is one thing. If you administer a WordPress site with several contributors, clients, or full teams with access to the site, you have a new obligation. In such situations, you might enforce strong passwords using plugins like Password Policy Manager or even implement two-factor authentication (2FA) system-wide.

Discovering Acceptable Usernames for Public Networks
Picking a very weird username for your social media accounts might not be the best thing for your brand or your safety online. In contrast, a great public username should be memorable and simple to read. Unfortunately, many snappy names that would be ideal are already in use. Even “A-list” celebrities must come up with creative alternatives.

You may be able to recover a username if the account has been dormant for an extended length of time or violates copyright. But each social media site may have different rules about squatting, and there is no guarantee that a username will be given.

Identifying the objective of your social media account can help you choose a distinctive and memorable username. Full names are ideal for a personal profile, particularly when cultivating a professional identity. You might also add phrases such as “genuine” or “official” or an additional initial (such as @StephenRCovey for the author).

In contrast, business accounts should adhere as closely as possible to your brand’s identity and be consistent across all channels. Utilizing terms relevant to your company, such as @JaneSmithWriter, or your location is a smart approach to identifying yourself.

Similar principles apply to accounts with handpicked content. Utilizing pertinent keywords might assist your readers in discovering you. For instance, an Instagram search for “cats” will yield @dailycatclub, @cats of Instagram, and several more unique individuals.

Finally, try to think of terms that are related to your prospective followers as well as concise and simple to read. For example, you might use “budgeting” if your material is about budgeting advice or “minimalist” if your channel is about reducing waste. If you do not have a specific target in mind, playing with rhymes and humorous adjectives might be profitable.

Excellent Username Generators to Assist You in Creating the Ideal Handle
If you’re still stuck, you may find it useful to generate usernames randomly (or semi-randomly). There are several choices, some of which are as ancient as the internet itself.

While a simple search is likely to provide several tools, some are more appropriate than others. Here is a quick summary of five trustworthy username generators and the applications they recommend.

LastPass. This tool will assist you in generating a secure username for your private, sensitive, or otherwise non-public accounts. As such, it is more comparable to a password generator, with less human-readable output.
NordPass. This generator will help you discover a social media-appropriate username. Additionally, you may rapidly verify its availability, which is convenient if you are evaluating possible applicants.
Name Generator. This application may help you generate a humorous and memorable username. Although the information requested may be potentially revealing, you may fill in the fields with random data.
SpinXO. This is another amusing nickname generator that recommends probable usernames depending on the specified parameters. As with the Name Generator, this tool has the potential to reveal your personal information publicly; thus, take a moment to consider what information you are prepared to provide.
Business Name Generator Try this tool if you need assistance picking the ideal company name for your brand! It’s one of the slickest tools accessible, and it comes with a tutorial to help you choose a fantastic username. Obviously, you may not want to utilize the produced name as-is for your firm, but it is a terrific starting point.
Lastly, although it is essential to generate a unique identity, your password should also be safe. So, as we’ve talked about before, make sure that each of your usernames has a unique and safe password.

Finding appropriate usernames might be challenging. You must make your username safe, consider its suitability for your brand, and consider its memorability for your audience. With millions of social media users now online, the best usernames frequently seem to have been taken.

Thankfully, you can still create something original. This article has examined public vs. private-facing usernames, provided advice on how to design effective usernames, and outlined the many criteria you should take into account. If you’re completely lost for a username, using a username generator is certain to spark some ideas.

Have any questions about the creation of a good username? Share your thoughts in the comment area below!

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